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The Advantages of Using a Freight Broker and Trucking Combo Website

Do you own or manage both a freight brokerage AND a trucking / logistics company? If so then you know how difficult it can be to properly market your business. You need to have two separate websites if you want to do well in each industry. But, that can be expensive and time-consuming. EZ Freight Websites has the perfect solution. A combo website is the perfect solution for you. This website combines the best parts of a freight broker website and a trucking company website, so you can save money and time. What exactly is a combo website? A freight broker and trucking combo website is a website that showcases a freight broker company and a trucking company on one site. Although these are two different businesses or companies, the…

Does Your Website Need A Facelift?

Is your freight broker website looking a little tired and dated? Do you not feel confident sharing your website with prospective customers? A website facelift might be just the thing. This can give your business a fresh new look that will help you stand out from the competition. With a modern design, your website will be more attractive to customers and help you close more sales. By having a website facelift, you can give your business the boost it needs to start seeing results. With our team of experienced designers, we can help you create a website that looks great and helps you sell more products or services. When creating or updating your website, it's important to evaluate it regularly to make sure it's meeting your needs. Let's take a…

Leveraging Your Website to Find New Shippers

As a freight broker or logistics professional, you need to find more shippers (customers) who need freight moved, but it's hard to find the good ones. It can be tough finding new customers when you're a freight broker. The freight brokerage industry is incredibly competitive and it can be tough to find new customers. Most of your time is spent trying to fill up your truck with loads, rather than developing long-term relationships with customers. Not to worry, as we're going to share with you some powerful strategies to help YOU start finding more shippers. You may not realize it, but your website CAN BE one of your most important marketing tools. However, this only works if it's set up right and has the right features. You can use it…

From Boring to Bright: 6 “Must Haves” for Your Budding Business Website

If you're like most freight brokers or logistics professionals, you know that having a professional website is essential for attracting customers. But what many business owners don't realize is that it's not enough to just have a website - it needs to be interesting and up-to-date as well. A boring or outdated website could mean lost business, so it's important to keep your site fresh and engaging. Easier said than done. Creating and maintaining a website requires a few important steps: conceptualizing, building/programming, evaluating the results, and ongoing updates to get visitors interested in checking back. We are going to look into the general idea of these 4 steps and zoom into specifics for Freight Brokering, Trucking / Dispatching websites. Let's show you how to get started. Conceptualization This stage…

Why A Website Is a Great Investment For a Freight Brokers Business

If you are a freight broker, owner operator, dispatcher or logistics manager, then you are probably always looking for more loads to move. You might be asking yourself if creating or updating a website for your business will bring you more business. Let's dive in and take a look. It has been two years since the pandemic started and everyone would agree that the dynamics of the world have changed. This worldwide experience has opened people to a lot of exploring, and in this regard, the internet has proven to be a powerful tool to get life going. Social media has been in the center of everyday living and admit it or not, it has played a vital role in people’s lifestyle choices, daily decisions, and so much more. The worldwide…

How to Become a Freight Broker

Are you looking for an exciting career with a great future? Becoming a freight broker is a great way to start a career in the fast-paced and challenging field of logistics and transportation. Freight brokers are responsible for arranging the shipment of goods for their clients. They work with transportation companies to get the best rates and delivery times for their customers. Freight brokers must have excellent organizational skills and be good on the phone. What Is a Freight Broker and What Do They Do A freight broker is someone who helps companies move their goods from one place to another. They work with transportation companies to get the best rates and delivery times for their customers. Freight brokers help companies save money on shipping by negotiating with carriers to…

How To Grown Your Freight Broker Business Fast

Let's face it, as a freight broker, owner-operator, or trucking company, you need to constantly be finding more loads to move. One of the most important things you can do is to cultivate relationships with shippers. By building strong relationships with shippers, you create loyalty and repeat business. But how do you go about finding new shippers to work with? Here are a few key ways to find new shippers: Get Organized - Make Sure You Have a Plan and Know What You Need to Do to Grow Your Business Freight brokers who are organized will be more successful than those who aren’t. Freight brokers need to have a plan and know what they need to do to grow their business. Try to keep all your records in digital format…

Simple Marketing Ideas you can Implement Right Now

You've recently become a freight broker. Perhaps you're new to the industry and are looking for ways to grow your business. Maybe you've been in the freight business for a while but haven't had much success in marketing your services. Whatever the case may be, if you want to grow your freight broker business, there are some simple marketing ideas you can implement right away. By implementing these simple marketing ideas, you can start to see growth in your freight broker business. Stay focused and continue to market your services to the right audience, and you'll be on your way. Get Involved with Social Media Don’t forget this important arm of marketing that most of your customers spend a bunch of time on. It is simple to make a business…

What’s a Kojak with a Kodak at the 51 yard stick? Trucker Lingo Explained.

Although it is slowly fading away, use of the CB radio and its special language is an important part of our trucking industry and its history. Check out this great guide from Smart Trucking of some popular trucker "old school" lingo translated. Try working it in your next conversation with your favorite career truck driver. Catch you on the flip flop!

Nikola Motor Company Announces Hybrid-Electric Semi

Tesla is getting into trucking. At least his first name is. The Nikola Motor Company, a Utah-based startup, has unveiled a compressed natural gas-electric hybrid semi aimed at disrupting the long-haul trucking industry the way the Tesla Model S did the car business. The company is run by Trevor Milton, a former executive at dHybrid Systems, which developed a CNG system for tractor-trailers that’s now owned by Worthington Industries. Along with Faraday Future, Nikola is the latest automotive outfit named after an electrical pioneer to seemingly appear from the ether. The truck, called the Nikola One, has been developed in secret for the past three years. It features a 150-gallon dHybrid storage system stacked behind its cab that fuels a turbine generator, which charges a 320-kilowatt-hour battery pack that drives…

3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Freight Broker Business

Large overhead. There is no reason to invest in big office space and lots of equipment for your freight brokerage. Sure, it is nice to have some extra space and conveniences but freight brokering is a really simple business that basically just requires a phone and a computer. When you add to your staff, think about finding an freight agent, assistant or bookkeeper who can work from home. Keep big expenses low and your profit margin high. Be sure to diversify in your client base. If the bulk of your revenue is coming from a particular manufacturing industry, try to focus on a new niche as you prospect new business. Unexpected events occur often in the business world and you definitely don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket.…

When Road Rage Strikes – 4 Tips to Stay Cool in Trucking Life

Anyone who drives anything has experienced some form of frustration on the road at one time or another, but those of us in the commercial driving industry may experience more than most. We are always one moment away from our beautiful big rig becoming an ugly innocent victim killer. Sometimes all it takes is some unpleasant news from home or a unforeseen delay in your lane to put a driver on edge. Add to that some people out on the road that are actually trying to cause trouble and the risk of road rage multiplies.  However, we all know that letting our emotions overtake us while we are driving has all kinds of risks – and none are worth it. Road rage has been defined as aggressive or violent behavior…

Could You Drive Around The Equator 200 Times with ZERO Accidents?

Five million miles is one heck of a lot of road. It is the equivalent of driving coast to coast 2,117 times, around the equator 200 times, and all the way to the moon and back over 10 times. Now that you have that frame of reference, imagine doing that much driving accident free - not one road accident ever. Georgia trucker Bobby Elrod has achieved this incredible truck driving milestone and YRC Freight will be honoring him at a ceremony on March 6.  Read more at this CDL Life article. Congratulations to this honorable man who helps gives truckers and our industry a great name.

Do I Really Need a Website in the Freight Industry?

Yes.  And here is why. #1 – Improved Company Image.  Nothing can improve your business image better than having an online presence in the form of a website. How do you feel about a company when you look it up on the internet and there is no website? Most likely, you feel like the company may not be reputable or is some fly-by-night operation. This is especially important if you are finding most of your customers by networking and word-of-mouth.  You might get a great referral but if the potential customer can’t find your website, that customer will probably choose your competitor. #2 – 24 Hours a Day. A website for your trucking, freight or logistics company is operating all the time.  Yes, it is available for potential customers to…

The Secret to a Bigger Trucking Bottom Line

If you are an owner-operator, fleet dispatcher or a freight broker / freight agent, then you already know how to get loaded. It isn’t that complicated, right? Subscribe to a load board or two, search for loads, call on the loads you want and then drive to the shipper for the freight. This usually works pretty well but we are all limited by how many trucks we have and our access to other resources (such as money to expand the fleet). If you can’t increase the number of loads you have right now, the only other choice to bring more money home is to find high paying freight loads. How to find these loads? The secret is to build relationships with shippers and brokers. And how to build relationships? Deliver…

Summer Trucking Tips to Keep Your Cool

In some parts of the country, it feels like summer is already here. For the rest of the country, it is coming like a runaway train. Whether you are new to moving loads in the heat or you are an experienced trucker who has been through an entire generation of summer seasons, these tips can help you stay cool when everything heats up. #1 – Stay hydrated. Being in an air-conditioned truck for a long period of time can fool your mind into believing that your body is in great condition, however dehydration can sneak up on you especially during the hotter months. Dehydration can cause fogginess, exhaustion and a host of other health issues for truckers. Drink regularly throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated, awake and alert. Keep…


When using an affordable website creator or blog creator such as WordPress for your trucking company, you are often stuck with a website address such as mycompany.wordpress.com. While it is definitely a good thing to have your own personal site, no one is going to find it at that address by just searching the internet.  You see, search engines such as Google and Bing use very complicated algorithms that dictate which websites get listed first when a customer searches for a phrase or key words. Highest priority is given to well named websites that are rich with the key words of the search phrases. Fortunately, some companies will allow you to use your own custom domain name while you take advantage of the ease of their template website creators. You…
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