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When Road Rage Strikes - 4 Tips to Stay Cool in Trucking Life

Anyone who drives anything has experienced some form of frustration on the road at one time or another, but those of us in the commercial driving industry may experience more than most. We are always one moment away from our beautiful big rig becoming an ugly innocent victim killer. Sometimes all it takes is some unpleasant news from home or a unforeseen delay in your lane to put a driver on edge. Add to that some people out on the road that are actually trying to cause trouble and the risk of road rage multiplies.  However, we all know that letting our emotions overtake us while we are driving has all kinds of risks – and none are worth it. Road rage has been defined as aggre ...

3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Freight Broker Business

Large overhead. There is no reason to invest in big office space and lots of equipment for your freight brokerage. Sure, it is nice to have some extra space and conveniences but freight brokering is a really simple business that basically just requires a phone and a computer. When you add to your staff, think about finding an freight agent, assistant or bookkeeper who can work from home. Keep big expenses low and your profit margin high. Be sure to diversify in your client base. If the bulk of your revenue is coming from a particular manufacturing industry, try to focus on a new niche as you prospect new business. Unexpected events occur often in the business world and you definit ...

Nikola Motor Company Announces Hybrid-Electric Semi

Tesla is getting into trucking. At least his first name is. The Nikola Motor Company, a Utah-based startup, has unveiled a compressed natural gas-electric hybrid semi aimed at disrupting the long-haul trucking industry the way the Tesla Model S did the car business. The company is run by Trevor Milton, a former executive at dHybrid Systems, which developed a CNG system for tractor-trailers that’s now owned by Worthington Industries. Along with Faraday Future, Nikola is the latest automotive outfit named after an electrical pioneer to seemingly appear from the ether. The truck, called the Nikola One, has been developed in secret for the past three years. It features a 150-ga ...

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