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Private Load Board Plugin

You need to find a way to move your freight quickly. Load boards can be an incredibly valuable tool for finding truckers to move your loads. Don’t waste time trying to create your own load board from scratch. Instead, you need our Private Load Board plugin. This allows you to instantly add a simple load board to your EZ Freight Website and list all of your most important loads and trucks. This is an essential tool for any freight broker, owner operator or logistics professional. With this powerful search feature, you can find loads by city, state, zip code, date ranges and more. Plus, it even allows you to list both available loads and trucks. You won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Cost = $19.99 per month

You can add this to your website when you sign up or contact support to add it later. No obligation and you can cancel the load board at any time. The $19.99 per month is in addition to the cost of your EZ Freight Website.

Only Works With Your EZ Freight Website

This plugin was custom made by us specifically to work with your EZ Freight Website. It is not compatible or available with any other website or system.

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