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10 Secrets To Make Money As A Freight Broker- eBook


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Do You Want To Make More Money as a Freight Broker?

In this engaging eBook, you’ll learn the secrets that you need to know in order to start and run a PROFITABLE freight brokerage. Freight brokering, trucking and logistics are some of the largest industries in the US. Look around the room you are in and probably everything you see (including everything the building is made of) was, at one point, transported via a ship or truck. This is a great industry for motivated, entrepreneurial people to make a great living. However, most freight brokers go out of business in the first year. Why do some people find tremendous success and other fail? What makes the difference and what do you need to do? Keep reading and we’ll teach you what it takes to become a freight brokering success story. With hard work, dedication and persistence, you too can build a thriving freight broker business. If you’re a broker, owner operator, dispatcher, freight forwarder or hoping to become one, this is the book for you.

  • Format = Downloadable PDF Book
  • Length = 17 pages
  • Release Date = 1-18-2021
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